This monkey swinging bar is a curious mix of posh jungle décor and celebrated elaborate drink choices.

The Drunken Monkey is definitely a unique addition to the S.I. bar scene. And one wouldn’t really think this was Staten Island. Maybe something you would maybe see in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

But the lounge is here, 1205 Forest Ave. Staten Island, New York. Just next door to a Walgreens and a few steps from a bagel store.

The Drunken Monkey, established in 2007, just celebrated its anniversary with a SEVEN YEAR ITCH PARTY. “It is a big gamble,” admits Sallyann Lombardi, owner, whose family has several restaurants.

The single mom has always earned another paycheck as a school bus matron. “You got to take a shot in life. I feel like I got the secret. We have a lot of friends and a lot of family.”

The Drunken Monkey, jungle-inspired pub, is bathed in leopard prints, merlot-hues and bamboo. On the walls, nine painted chimpanzees toss back martinis, while wooden monkeys pose in see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil position on a toilet paper dispenser in the “chimpette’s” room. Youv’e got to see it to believe it!

Being served are fancy cocktails such as the Swinging Pear and a Staten Island Ice Tea.

And the signature beer,  Monkey Beer…a tall beer with a shot of banana liqueur.

Beware when 5-foot-9 Big Ang is behind the bar, she will have you laughing in your seats or swinging on the dance floor.

Come visit this one of a kind bar and throw back a few, laugh, dance and mingle in the jungle. It is surely a good time.

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